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I have a UPC question regarding DWV pipe size. It is unclear the exception to Table 7-5 Maximum Unit Loading and Maximum Length of Drainage and Vent Piping for 3" pipe has a vertical FU of 48 with a foot note. 4 Only four (4) water closets or six-unit traps allowed on any vertical pipe or stack; and not to exceed three (3) water closets or six-unit traps on any horizontal branch or drain.
I understand the water closet part but not sure of the 6 unit traps? Is is saying max of (4) six-unit traps ( like in public), or a max of 6 units?

I live in California so the UPC is the correct code I have a bathroom and Kitchen sink on 3" vertical pipe.

In addition, can some one explain "horizontal offset" ? Is that a pipe that is running horizontally or vertically?
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