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I want to build a house: carriage style design. This means garage on the first floor and living quarters on the second floor.

I just built a pole barn and compared to a standard stick frame it was sooo much cheaper.

Is it feasible to make a carriage style house with pole structure? 8-9ft tall first floor and was hoping second floor could be 9-10 ft with vaulted ceilings.

~20 feet (plus roof)... is that feasible for a pole structure?

I can't do a basement because I'm building on top of some heavy rocks so digging foundation would cost too much. Not sure how deep posts go (2-3ft?). A 36x48 will have 14 posts I think (every 12 ft, so 5 on each 48ft side plus 2 on each 36ft).

I want to frame the interior. Just built a coop and it was fun and relatively easy to frame.
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