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Hey all,

We have tropic brown granite in our kitchen (its largely dark brown with black flakes). I built an island and we've been trying to find another piece of tropic brown to match.

I just found one and compared it to a remnant of my existing counters the previous owner left.

The island slab is 100% match on pattern - but probably 8-12% darker. The lady explained that since it's natural, it's unlikely I'd ever find a perfect match. Tropic brown is good with consistancy though. And since I'm not seaming it up with my existing counters - she said even though the island would be about 10% darker - nobody is going to notice.

The closest it will be to my existing counters is 3 feet away.

So it seems like if I want the Tropic Brown, this is what I'd have to live with. Otherwise, I'd have to go solid black.

Does going with the piece that's a little darker seem like a good idea to you? Might a kitchen designer do this anway without telling the customer, since the customer would/could never notice?

Or do you think this is a bad idea?

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It's your kitchen, can you live with the difference?

Black granite is one option, but keep in mind maintenance can be an issue as it tends to show every crumb or streak.

Consider options outside of the box. A different granite, butcher block, or totally different surface can be striking.

Many people tend to think things have to match perfectly, when something unexpected often adds a missing WOW factor.

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How about going with a different material so matching would never be an issue. Art glass island countertops in kitchens where there was stone over cabinets can look spectacular. The glass is probably better suited to withstanding a hot pot being set on it, etc. than stone. Of course you could go with just a solid color glass top in whatever color, opacity, etc. you want.

Or how about copper clad or something? Copper fight microbes and would look nice against the brownish granite?

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Another idea, and since it is natural stone, will look a long time to match it.
We often use butcher block on islands as design, still early enough can order correct amount of granite to include it.
Just often the island is great place for a work station while preparing foods.
Butcherblock is a great contrast and use a food grade finish on it.
I do recommend a cutting board on the counter, not the butcher block counter itself.
But is a nice contrast.
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