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Matching existing crown molding

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A few years ago we had a bathroom remodeled & the crown molding used was larger than the molding in the hall just outside the bath (and elsewhere). Now we're ready to remodel more rooms & want to used the same crown as was used a few years ago in the bathroom. However, no scrap pieces remain & I don't know where it was purchased. I do have the size & profile, however, but I'm having a devil of a time finding the size & profile online. Are there not standard sizes & profiles out there, or do different companies just come up with their own sizes & profiles? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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If the outfit that did the remodel was local, the trim was also likely from a local source. Trim profiles have been pretty much standardised over the years, but you could still have one that was odd. Check local lumberyards, and ask sales staff, don't just look at their sample board.
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