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I am remodeling a 1971 home and have been really careful to take necessary precautions to minimize risks for a home of that year. We pulled the carpet up in the basement to lay a floating floor and I think the glue under the padding may be asbestos mastic. I wet the padding and scraped it off the top of the mastic to create a level surface. So now it looks like dried glue with padding residue. I plan to paint and then put 6mil plastic down before laying the floor.

Is the mastic a problem if you aren’t sanding it or trying to scrape it up? I did scrape the top of it obviously when scraping the foam. Just curious if asbestos fibers might be flying around the basement. Not good ! I need to turn the HVAC on in a few days so I can lay hardwood upstairs so if fibers are floating around I don’t want to do that obviously.
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