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Master Bath remodel

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I had a master bath that dated back to the 1970's and it had a step down shower and bath that was a hazard to get in and out of and not really usable for a bath. I had a very long vanity that included a clothes hamper but otherwise took up a lot of space without providing much real storage.
For the new bathroom I designed a vanity that had a lot more drawers, including ones under the sinks, and a built in clothes hamper. I had inset medicine cabinets installed over the sinks and this required rerouting of the air vent piping. I went with a cannister type toilet that was built into the wall and added a pony wall to provide privacy for the wall mounted toilet. The bathtub I installed was a very deep 48" long one from Kohler that provided twice the water depth of a regular bathtub. With the shorter tub I had room for a 60" x 36" walk in shower and I designed this for a shower head, hand held sprayer, 3 body jets, and to be a curbless shower with a long linear along the outer wall. Blocking was added for grab bars in the shower and bath area and around the toilet. I bought a 44x42 inch Milgard Quiet Line picture window that was installed in the wall beside the bathtub. I used two versions of ceramic tile for the shower, one standard for the floor and one that was glossy for the walls and the bathtub deck and surround area.
It took several months but when I look at it now there is nothing I would change.
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Will we see pictures??
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I wonder if he is talking about his bathroom remodel he boasted about in his post from last year?
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