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Master Bath Remodel - need some help

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We are remodeling our master bath and I want to do as much of it myself as I can, not only to save money but I enjoy projects like this. I have a code book but getting the big picture is still tough.

Here is what we currently have. As you enter the room, on the left you will see where the vanity was, next was the toilet and the main stack, then further down was the shower. There was nothing but a closet on the right side of the room, it did not have a shower.
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wow two issues the server running this forum is lagging bad, another issue, is the only way to post images with a hosting server, I don't use photobucket or anything like that and normally can just upload images or add them as an attachment but I don't see either option?????
and I can't edit my own message...
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A lot of good, helpful folks here wanting to help so keep at it
I love it when homeowner start by,, I Bought a code book for my DIY projects.
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Thank you eplumber thats what I missed, I run a vbulletin forum as well and not sure how i missed that, but that took care of it.

I take it then from Javiles comment that I am on the wrong forum? I thought from the name that it would be where a DIY could ask questions but I guess I was wrong.
Nope, this is a DIY site. You can ask all your questions here - you may not like the answer sometimes though :)
Pictures, drawings and your local code specs are helpful to us when we respond.
Alaska follows UPC hopefully E plumber can help you. I only help with IPC code.
Thanks guys,

I am now in Mississippi and live in the county so they follow 2012 IPC. The bath I am wanting to remodel is on the second floor.

In smallbath01 it shows the original plumbing with a vanity drain on the left, toilet in middle and tub on the right, the master bath never had a shower. The lines show where the plumbing is hidden by the floor.

I would like to move the toilet to the other side of the room about 10' away and add a shower on that side as well. In the second attachment I was thinking of moving the vanity plumbing into the wall to tie in to the main stack, then the yellow shows the 3" continuing to the toilet across the room, and the green shows where the tubs plumbing will be extended.

In the third attachment you can see the yellow 3" for the toilet, then the blue showing where the shower drain 2" will come in.

The fourth shows the shower location and the line in red is a proposed 2" vent. Currently the only vent at all is the main stack.

The fifth attachment shows the proposed path of the 2" vent going back across top of the room to tie in to the main stack.

If you see anything I may have missed don't hesitate to point it out but my main question is does that plan make sense, and instead of venting the shower and toilet individually can I vent them using the single 2" shown in red. Also what I can't quite figure out is what I will need to do where the shower, toilet and vent tie in.

Thanks in advance...


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Welcome to the forum.....most of us were in your same shoes at one point. fly in Alaska....but not the AV8 Harrier? Bush pilot?

Getting back on topic.....we need a question.....
tks ddawg, I was a bush pilot in alaska so I flew the bug fighters not the real ones (no AV8's or F's, more like a C what I flew was so slow a bug would hit you in the butt) but now I live in northern mississippi.
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Some one hacked up your original install. Glad your cutting it out. Your under IPC code. Attach the lavatory as drawn. Remove all sanitary tees not installed in a vertical position.

You will need a wall for the shower vent. You cannot vent anything under the floor. All vents must rise vertical {Up and down} at least 6 inches above the highest flood level rim (the toilet} prior to turning horizontal.

You will need 3 by 2 wye for the shower and a wall to run under before you pick up the trap. There is no fitting as you have it drawn. You must use a long sweep 90 on the toilet 3 inch when turning horizontal to horizontal or a st 45 and reg. 45 fitting (same thing). From toilet toilet flange 3 inch st. 90 long sweep 90 then 3 by 2 wye with a vent on the shower. This is called a wet vent. You will need permits and inspections if your locality require this.

If you have any more S type traps in your house you should plan on redoing them they all are illegal.

Also don't forget to perm cap that unused 2 inch. Use a scd 40 cap. Make sure you use primer and glue on all joints. Scd 40 white PVC only No mixing of plastics.

All your floor joist your running the 3 inch for the toilet through will need to be beefed up.
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Thank you Ghostmaker great info and that answered most of my questions, yes they did a hack job for sure.
Thank you eplumber thats what I missed, I run a vbulletin forum as well and not sure how i missed that, but that took care of it.

I take it then from Javiles comment that I am on the wrong forum? I thought from the name that it would be where a DIY could ask questions but I guess I was wrong.
Not personal Its funny because i know plumbers that cant interpret the code book, in fact i know a few inspectors that cant find the gray areas. you're at the best DYS site these guys here are sharp good plumbers, and good hearted they take the time to help others and they usually never get a thank you. so lets make this kiss your plumber month.:kiss:
I only kiss a plumber if hes better looking than my wife...


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Tks Javilies, I understand that, the industry I am in is like that as well, seems like anytime you deal with any regulations that the gov't is involved in its more of a good luck situation.

When I was young I was fortunate to help out my grandfather and others building houses, moving houses all sorts of crazy stuff, even did a little cabinet making, but that was too many years ago, but I think it was enough to curse me with the "I wanna do it" mentality. Of course that bites me in the butt sometimes but its all part of the learning process. I'm the type of person that cannot stay idle so I always have a project going on slowly making the old house a bit better as I go.

As far as kiss a plumber, if my plumber looked like that, oh yeah!!!!!
Okay I think I have this laid out like I need.

I have the 2" shower p-trap going under shower wall with a 2x2 wye and 45 for vent, then going on to a 3x2 wye to connect to 3" from toilet.

From toilet a 3" flange to a 3" closet bend to a 3x2 wye (slightly rotated) for vent to run back behind toilet and up toilet wall, vent will use 45's until above in ceiling


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My next question is a cleanout, that hot water heater is going away for a tankless, can I and should I use a wye below the toilet to make a cleanout that I could access by pulling up floor in the closet behind the toilet?
The toilet itself is considered a cleanout. I would leave it at that.
Ty Ghost, have a good weekend
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