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Masonite Doors

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I recently bougt a Masonite interior door from Home Depot. When I picked up the door it was slightly damaged but I accepted it as I did not wish to delay my project. It could have been HD's fault or the maufacturer. I had a fair amount of trouble installing the prehung unit and whwn I finally opened it I found out why, The midlle hinge on the door frame was not properly installed and the door was cracked although one could not see this from the poutside so you had no chance to refuse the door at time of pick up. The door could not be hung as well as I wanted to and the next week when the humidity increased it started to bang into the door stop on the hinged side. when I called Masonite to complain thet said it was n ot there problem as they outsource the hanging of the door. Well, they sold me this piece of crap and if they dont take responsibility for this they should expect to keep losing customers such as myself. Too late to do much about it and now I have a poorly hung door on my bathroom Stay away from Masonite!
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They will accept the return even if it is already painted. Yet you should expect some problems when you selected to buy dirt cheap doors from a discount warehouse. Do not expect long lasting or quality in any cheap outlet store.
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