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I have a new home and my AC unit which is located in my attic started leaking. The unit sits inside a drip pan but was not installed properly and when it leaked water ended up out of the drip pan onto a piece of plywood, onto insulation and onto the sheetrock. The water came through a seam in the sheetrock and leaked into my kitchen. My question is should the sheetrock be replaced or just repaired? If the sheetrock is repaired should I worry about mold?
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Inspect the top of the drywall. If there is anything black on it, get it replaced. It already has grown mold and you don't need that in a new home. If it's only water stained, then dry it and seal it with the sealers that were mentioned above. For the most part you can get away with a one time leak and not have an issue, but you really don't know how long this may have ben wet before it broke through.
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