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hi Everyone,

I am repainting some walls and ceilings in my flat. I rolled the walls using F&B Modern Emulsion paints. Worked perfectly and no marks. I then did the living room ceiling and stairwell ceiling. The living room had been replastered several weeks back and the stairwell was just painted over old paint. I primed using F&B primer and then applied estate emulsion. The first coat went on nicely - no marks. I then did the second coat and streaks showed up like the ones in the attached pic. I did a third and fourth coat and yet there's no improvement. I used the B&Q Dial 9" roller with pole for both ceilings. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. I tried to keep the pressure consistent. Used up almost 5L trying to do the 4 coats on the living room ceiling which is approx 30 m2.

Do I need to repaint the full ceiling? Can I just fix the affected spots and if so what should I do? Any pointers would be appreciated.


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did you use the same roller or change it out??. Reason I ask, is the streaks look like it's a roller issue. Try using a new roller.

Depending on the quality/thickness of the roller, some are only good for one coat. Throw aways. Just my opinion.
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