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We had a mardome access hatch fitted last Thursday.

On checking once it was finished, the membrane clamps didn't fit properly, and were loose, it's also believed one blew off in the wind (it's fitted on a residential domer flat roof) so second storey. I'd have thought the clamps would have been designed not to cause this issue. How important are the clamps? How secure should the clamps be when fitted properly?

The builders came back this morning, removed the clamps and used silicone to seal the roof membrane to the kerb. Does that affect the warrenty?

Whilst fitting they also managed to melt one of the clamps and to cause scorch marks on the lid, they've managed to clean/scrape most of them off this morning but I'm still not happy. Would this also have any affect on the warrenty?

Another issues (I think) is the size of the access hatch which is 900 x 900. The way its been fitted is so that it is larger than the opening between the wooden beams. Should the opening be the same as the internal dimensions of the kerb? As per numerous images I've seen on here?

We've not paid yet but it's almost £3k to have a 15m square flat roof replaced with felt (2 layers) along with the access hatch and I just feel that the whole job has been rushed and would ultimately like a little reassurance from someone else in the trade.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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