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I have a unique problem that I'm hoping to get some professional advice on. When I was in college, I laid flooring for about 2 1/2 years. I did everything from carpet to laminate to tile. Once we installed granite tile on a counter top at my bosses house. It looked amazing. So a few months ago, I purchased marble tile from lowe's to do the same thing. It looked great when it was done but after only a week or 2 I ruined it. It seems that when acid from fruit juices comes in contact with the tile, it eats the glaze. This usually isn't a problem with natural stone tile since it is polished to a shine. Now I have splotches in an area where there is no sheen. I think I am either going to have to tear it up or find a glaze that I can apply to the entire surface. I did seal the tile when I was done, twice. But apparently the glaze wasn't very tough to begin with.

Any suggestions on how I can "reshine" my tiles?

I attached a picture of the nearly completed couter top. You can see that its not a high grade of marble as there is a bunch of quartz mixed in with it.


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Marble is NOT glazed. Marble is NOT a good choice for kitchen counter tops ....cuz....marble is NOT glazed.

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