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marble in kitchen - Questions

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Does anyone have marble in their kitchen for counter tops? If so, have you had problems with stains. I have talked to stone yards that have suggested using a harder marble such as Danby marble and that I will have less problems with stains. I am remodeling a kitchen and love marble but I am hesitant to use it. I don't know anyone to ask that has it. Any suggestions.
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There are some high end Kitchens that you see it, but now days with manufactured products, it is cheaper to find an alternative to natural marble. If I used Marble somewhere in my Kitchen, it would be an area that would be used for making pies & cookies, where you want a smooth surface to roll the dough out on.
Why not granite? Unless you really mean granite and not marble.
Individual stones, even within the same classification of 'marble' and 'granite' vary widely in charicteristics such as hardness, how porous they are, and the dimentions to which they can be cut due to veining. The finish is also of huge importance - honed surfaces are more porous than polished ones and harder to keep up. Saying that, granite is usually a better choice for counters.
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