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Many layers of old linoleum and vinyl and wood and a big dlimema...

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The old Victorian I bought has this on the kitchen floor: Top layer of 9" tiles. 2nd layer of some older sheet vinyl or god knows what. 3rd layer of a very thin wood. 4th layer of very old tile (no doubt asbestos laden) and something that seems like potato sack cloth under that.

I have no idea if it's feasible or even possible to get this all up. I tried a few sections and got nowhere.


Should I say screw it, put down a new 1/2" ply subfloor and put something on top of that?
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I pulled up 12 layers of flooring at my old house
I used a prybar, hammer, skil saw
Then I put down (sistered) new floor joists in most areas
Well worth it to get rid of all those layers
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