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Many layers of old linoleum and vinyl and wood and a big dlimema...

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The old Victorian I bought has this on the kitchen floor: Top layer of 9" tiles. 2nd layer of some older sheet vinyl or god knows what. 3rd layer of a very thin wood. 4th layer of very old tile (no doubt asbestos laden) and something that seems like potato sack cloth under that.

I have no idea if it's feasible or even possible to get this all up. I tried a few sections and got nowhere.


Should I say screw it, put down a new 1/2" ply subfloor and put something on top of that?
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There's a very good chance that ALL of those layers contain asbestos. If it's all intact and solid, then layer over it and leave it alone. Just know that when you nail or screw through it. you'll probably break the 9x9s into pieces, and create the potential for airborne fibers. And that any work that pentrates the floor in the future will likely invade that broken material. Whatever you decide, please don't saw through any of this stuff.
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