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I have three Mansfield one piece toilets in my house. One of them occasionally runs to fill back up, so I was checking on the little red flush valve gasket to see if it needed replaced. When doing so, I noticed the tank flush valve "gasket" is just a thick glob of what looks to be clear/white silicone caulking. (outlined in red in the attached pic)

The top is not smooth at all, so I have no idea how the red gasket could seal.

At first I thought it was just a bad fix someone tried, but all three toilets have this. Is this caulking normal for these one piece toilets?

Outside of replacing the toilet, what are my options since I can't simply replace the flush valve?


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You have the following.

212-1034 Glue-In Style 10" Flush Valve - includes seal and chain - for 700 & 705 models ONLY -(waterproof sealant sold separately) (discontinued)

I would try to get this part first
M001 Replacement Flush Valve Seal - 3-1/2" O.D. x 2-1/8" I.D.

It's on the above web site for $3.13

Take part 3 in the illustration and clean any slime off it.
Replace your rubber seal.
Put part 3 back together.
Keep your fingers crossed. Add food dye in the tank make sure no dye gets to the bowel. If it does your still leaking.
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