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making an electric go-kart

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Hello, I am looking to make an electric go-kart for my niece. I will be using a 24 DCV motor from a scooter. I am trying to make a list of what all I will need for the electrical controls. I will be using two 12v batteries wired in series. I am planning on then wiring a toggle switch to power it on, followed by a light to tell that it is on. The part that I am not to sure about is my speed controls and also my control for motor direction. I would like to do a pedal type system, or like a boat throttle type, but not sure how to do that. Also to control the direction of the motor, i will need a motor control correct? I'm thinking of using another toggle switch to control the control. Where is a good place to purchase 24 DCV motor controllers. Thank you. Also, sorry for the long post.
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Not sure about what voltage they use, but check out a place that sells or services electric golf carts.
Hadn't thought of that idea.
Most golf carts useally wired for 24 or 32/36 volts DC And you will not have issue to find parts and controller with golf carts they do have a few parts you can use.

The last go kart with electric verison what I did is used the forklift drive motour which that is 48 volts and that is pretty wicked. ( I did yank few parts from the forklift and that work pretty well )

Looked at the wiring diagram for golf carts. They gave me some good ideas but dang, the parts are expensive. May look for a old power wheels jeeps to see if I can slave some of the parts out.
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