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I was helping a friend fix up his abandoned rental home.
It was in pretty poor condition. We got a lot of work done that week, but there was plenty left to finish. His goal was to get it all done without spending an extra dime.

The kitchen was about 10'x15' and the center of the floor was almost 2" higher than the walls. We cut out a 4x8 section of floor, cut/chiseled the joists, and glued/screwed a new section in.

He was hesitant to even use self-leveler, but finally bought a couple buckets at $35/ea, which spread thin and didn't go very far. After spending $70, it would have taken another $100-$150 to finish up that tiny room. It would have been cheaper to just rip out the entire floor.

Looking at the stuff, it looked like cement, a binder, a flex agent, and water. So why not mix regular bag cement with latex primer and water?
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