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Make sofabed fromm pallets

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Hi ,I am making a sofa bed from pallets,
I need help in understanding how to make the extendable part.
The back support is fixed and does not move
The extendable part is from the bottom.
I want to be able to raise it to the seating portion and when not in use want it to be folded and stored under the seating
What should i use to fold the part?
I am adding wheels for easy pulling ,how will I raise it to the level of the seating?

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Sofa from pallets

Haha, I only laugh cuz I once spent too much time making a lame sofa with plywood and hinges...Effort A-, Result D+. Velcro held the fabric tight and if you sat quickly down it would make that ripping sound! But it impressed my future wife!

I've been around pallets a little and the wood is either very hard to drill or saw (impossible to nail) or lightweight, weak junk. Either way the nails seem to be with glue so pallets are a pain to dismantle, maybe that is not your plan.

Good luck and you never know whom it may impress!:yes:
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