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Make Sliding Door Weather Tight?

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Can a sliding door be made weather tight?
I was looking at Johnson Hardware I think the # was 2610 anyway it's a sliding door hardware that goes the outside of the door frame (so its not a pocket door) kinda like a barn door but the tolerances seemed closer
I would like to use it as a entrance door from house to garage
I would think if patterned after a sliding patio door I could make it weather tight...
By adding wood strips to side of door & having it interlock like a patio door with weatherstrip on one side of the door
On the other side of door have the door hit a piece of wood with weatherstripping inside it
And finally top and bottom could have brush type weather seal
What do you think?
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Are you removing this door from a barn/shed to replace an existing door in your garage ?
Any door from the house to a garage must be a fire rated door to meet code.
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No I was going to use existing door
It opens out into the garage and I would like it to open in to the house
It's a pre hung door made of steel with a wood core (it looks like)
I mean I could cut it loose frame and all and mount it to swing in to the house
I imagine it's fire rating--typical of house in Florida
I was just wondering if I could make into a sliding door using the Johnson Hardware because it would take up less space opening into the house
Any suggestions?
Any further suggestions??
I want use original door
I'm having a hard time visualizing what you're trying to do. You say that it now opens out but you'd like it to open in. I get that. What I don't get is turning it into a slider which neither opens in or out.

Posting some pictures would help.
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I have included some photos to look at


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Last photo
I want to change the way door opens so it doesn't hit my truck...I wanted to use the existing door as a sliding door to gain more space inside as well...I wanted to put sliding door on the garage side not on the house side
If I want to use the existing door and door frame (it's a pre hung door)I could cut it loose and take it out and turn it around so it swings inside to left...another words it would swing in...Swing in where the rocking chair is.
Oops forgot to post last photo
Right now the door hits my truck so I need to change that!!!


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If you rotate the door it's not going to swing toward that chair, it's going to swing toward whatever's on the right hand side that's not shown in the picture.
That sliding door idea just makes no since to me.
I beg to to differ the door turned around wood swing in towards the rocker...I was to take it out as a Prehung and turn it around
I could make it stop before hitting the or move the rocker!
As far as a sliding door it would slide to the left hand side in the garage out of the way...I thought it would cool to have a sliding door to the garage
I want to do it before it gets hot and the ac is running
As far as a sliding door it would slide to the left hand side in the garage out of the way...I thought it would cool to have a sliding door to the garage
I want to do it before it gets hot and the ac is running
Fire rated is not only important it's mandatory. I can't see any way to DIY a fire rated sliding door.

Fire rated pocket door??? Never heard of such a thing but if one does exist I'd guess that the price would be off the charts.
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If there is a step down it would never have been an out swinging door at my house to begin with.
I guess the sliding door is out of the question but I would still like to know if anyone or a company that makes a weathertight sliding door
I guess I'll just have turn the door around and use it that way
As far as as a step down I thought I could put a stair or landing down in front of the door it wouldnt have to be too wide or I could make it wide enough to act as a truck/car stop
You indicated you were in Florida. If your area has a "hurricane code", exterior doors may not be allowed to swing inward.
That's true if I can't remember though if the door swung in or out it was built in 2000 hmm!
I have to ask my wife!!
Any more I ideas on making a sliding door weathertight ?
Those doors like the garage, cannot open in, they have to open out and also have a closer.

If the truck gets hit, then turn it around and park nose put, so that you are just past the door. If you pull in and have a lot of space between the rear of the truck and the garage door, you need to hang a tennis ball, so that thr truck cannot be pulled in that far. Otherwise, park it outside.

I cannot see how that garage is too short for the truck, if it is a newer home.
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