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Major leak under my kitchen sink

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I'm in desperate need of assistance with a very bad leak under my kitchen sink. I'm a new homeowner so basically all of this is new to me since I'm also recently widowed. The leak is coming from the metal pipe that attaches to the PVC pipe. I took the PVC pipe apart and the metal pipe has a hole in it. It looks like it might be possible to unscrew the metal pipe, but since this is the first time I've ever touched anything plumbing wise, I am afraid to proceed without advice. I can't afford to pay anyone to help me. I have a video and some pictures, I'll see what I can post. I appreciate any help anyone can give. Thanks Jmon for telling me to start my own new thread. Advice on what to do to start to fix the hole/problem would be appreciated, since apparantly my washer, dishwasher and sink all drain through this pipe. Thank you so much to anyone who is willing to help me.
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you need a few more pictures of more of the metal you know how to use or have a sawsall?
It looks like the metal pipe was corroded by hard water. If that is the case, a water softener may be an investment worth considering. The pics are very zoomed but it looks like we are dealing with drain plumbing right? That's low pressure so generally an easier DIY fix. Those parts need to be replaced and preferably with PVC. It's hard to tell from the pictures but you may get away with cutting away the corroded thread and adapting new PVC to the metal (copper?) end. Fernco makes silicone adapters with hose clamps on both that you should be able to find at your local hardware or Home Depot that will let you attach copper drain pipe to PVC. Any patch job you do on that will be very temporary.
Moved to plumbing forum.
Very common problum with old steel pipes.
The parts called a pipe nipple.
It's tricky to get that old one out, most likely it's going to crush or snap off when you try to remove it.
I'd remove that trap adaptor (that white PVC piece) and use my sawsall with a short Bimetal fine tooth blade to make two cuts on the inside of the pipe so the nipple can be broken in two to get it out being careful not to cut into the threads in the elbow to deep.
Once it's out clean up the threads with a wire brush.
It has nothing to to with the water being hard, all steel pipe rust out from the inside out and the threads are the weakest area and will fail first.
No way is a Fernco going to fix this one.
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Joe laid out the simplest fix--if the threads inside that T are salvageable--

If they are not---you may need to open up the cabinet back and plaster to expose the drain pipe and vent pipe.

After you do that, post a picture and one of us can walk you through the task of cutting out the old T and replacing it with PVC.
I'm obviously way out of my league here. I don't even know what a sawsaw is. I'm trying! I'm taking your comments and suggestions to people who can see my photos and it seems hopeless.
Here's a "sawsaw" (Sawzall) to help get you started......


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It is not a sign of weakness to call in a pro----
I'm lost with computers--I hire out the repairs----
no need to 'tool up' for a one time job--or learn all of the skills.
Photos of my problem
You need to replace the threaded corroded pipe. You should buy a new pipe in hardware store, aside from you should have any pipe cutter, super glue for pipe, pipe sealant or tepdon tape. Then install it properly to prevent any kind of leak from the pipe.

Hopefully this video helps.
Does anyone have any idea how much this might cost to get repaired? The video was very helpful. I just need the pipe that goes into the wall fixed/replaced. I really appreciate all of your help. Maybe I can borrow the money. I don't have any of the more serious tools that this would require. I guess I'm going to have to call a plumber, but I need an idea of how much money I'm going to need.
so you buy a house but have no money for repairs???
Not really, my husband and I bought this house together. Then he passed away unexpectedly and had no life insurance. I'm just trying to keep it together, so thanks for that.
So sorry to hear of husbands passing. My sympathies. I can't think of anything much worse than losing my wife. This is not a big repair for a plumber. You might check around. Even a decent handyman with plumbing experience could do this. I emphasize the word DECENT. I would check with friends neighbors etc.
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Put the word out at your church. Usually a lot of retirees with experience willing to help out a lady in distress.
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This is a one to two hour job----so a service call might do it---I don't know whe rates in your area, so call and ask.

As a temporary fix, try cleaning up the rust and packing the hole with 'JB Weld'

That might buy you some time---
A good friend hit a stretch of tough times---I dropped into a Salvation Army office and was pleased to find that they had a long list of service providers that worked at a huge discount or even free----they are a good group of folks there.

He was to proud to go himself--but was most pleased to see a doctor for the first time in years---thanks to the helpful gal at the Salvation Army.
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