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Main Water Shut-Off Valve

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I have to replace the hot water supply valve for my washer, so I want to turn the water off for the entire condo. In my utility room, there are a few pipes with valves on them, so I want to make sure I hit the right one (I'll of course test it, but would like to get it right on the first try).

I'm thinking it's the one with the yellow handle. The pipe on the left top says hot on the tank, the pipe on the right top with the blue knob says cold on the tank. That pipe goes into the wall, but before it does, there's a t-junction which leads down to the yellow handled valve which then also goes into the wall. There was also a pipe on the left bottom of the tank which I think had a small valve on it, but don't remember now. :p

Any ideas?


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If you're only going to be replacing the hot water valve, you only need to turn that side off. You can do that by turning off the gas and the cold water supply (blue handle) to the water heater. Turn on your lowest hot water tap to relieve pressure (probably a downstairs tub or vanity sink faucet) and open the highest hot water faucet for air.
If you're soldering, you'll have to make sure that the top of the washing machine valve line is free of water first by dipping a paper towel or something down it to remove water from any area that you're trying to heat.
Good Luck!
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