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Main Floor Half Bath Remodel

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We are almost done...just decor and mirror to be added (you can't see where the mirror is a full width on the wall to the extreme right when you walk in. Thenm I still need to get a valance, put up towel bar and TP holder, and put up some artwork I got.

I had a vision in my head and I am happy how it came out...this was completely 100% my husband and I - DIY.

Don't be fooled...I am the tiler...hubs was mainly the demo guy/painter/semi-wainscoter.


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very nice. interesting wainscoting, normally the ones ive seen are beadboard. it looks very nice and i love the paint color! Good job, much better than the tile. then again, now that i look closer it might be beadboard, its hard to tell. the stuff on the front wall is definitely beadboard but the stuff on the back wall doesnt look like it. Is it?
It is all beadboard (wainscoting) that is tonge and groove all the way around about 4 ft high. We repainted a semi-gloss white after install. Looks crisp now!!
What a dramatic improvement-----neat work around the window,too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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