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I have a 9-year-old York Diamond 90 updraft furnace/air conditioning unit.

Model: P3URB10N05501C
Ser: WAMM038102

Yesterday I suddenly noticed that the airflow while the A/C was running was almost zero. I shut it down and went into the basement and could smell what I would call a typical "hot motor" smell. I took off the front covers and found a hot motor with some dust stuck to it but not much else. The lines to the evaporator were frosty from no airflow. The motor turns easily and is not binding up. The wiring looks OK and the air filter is good. This motor is not the kind with a controller mounted on the back of it - everything appears to be inside the main control unit.

After it cooled off I cleaned the dust off of the motor (wasn't that much) and set the thermostat to "fan only." Normally this setting will run the motor at full speed (as far as I can tell anyhow.) I held in the cover interlock switch in and turned the unit on. The motor started to run but only ran at 75 RPM of so - not enough to move much air. I turned it off and tried spinning the motor by hand before starting it again to give it a boost to see if maybe the start capacitor was the problem - no difference.

I searched here and read a few motor related posts but really don't know what to do next. I would rather not throw parts at it without diagnosing further if possible. Should I try replacing the capacitor? Is the control board likely to be bad? The motor?

Thanks in advance - this is my first post and any help is really appreciated!

Andrew S.
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