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Mahogany Porch Floor Coating?

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I installed a Mahogany porch floor at my house last year and sealed it with Cabots Australian timber oil. well, its already ready to be coated again and I want to use another product.

anyone know if a 50/50 mixture of linseed oil and mineral spirits would work well to preserve the wood and keep the natural look of the Mahogany?

any other suggestions? NO Thompsons product recommendations please.
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Australian Timber Oil

I've tried the australian timber oil for the last few years on my mahogany porch and I'm also looking to use another product. I liked the way it looked the forst year but, that was it. The oil isn't going into the wood any longer and reamins tackey for weeks. Would be intersted in what you ended up doing or other suggestions. I was thinking of having it sanded and using some polyurethane but that might be slippery.
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