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Magic Boxes [pics and video finally!]

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Magic Boxes - Videos now on YouTube!

for anyone interested, these are trick boxes i make.

(see my homemade guns, daggers and swords thread for more info and pics of both boxes OPENED.)




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I offer this challenge to you all....

The first one to explain how BOTH boxes work, _EXACTLY_, in a PM to me will get plans to build one emailed to them free!

betcha no-one ever sees those plans.... -=chuckle=-

I can't do much with those videos... The rectangle is definitely a left-right vs. right-left but that seems to obvious. I can't see you open the round one to figure out how that's done. Very creative though. Have you mass-produced these or are they one-offs?

When we give gift cards as gifts we often put them in one of these "puzzles" you have to solve before you can release the card. One was just a plastic marble maze, but one was an electronic multiple-choice test where you had to answer all the questions correctly to open it. Good for some laughs.
they are my own creations, yes.
i guess it helps to know too that hundreds of people have tried 'hands-on' to open these and have not been able to.
i did a magic thing at the local renfaires.

to see pics of the insides of the boxes, go back to the top and click link to other thread.

Smart Feller

DM you are quite the Fart Smeller :thumbup:
Dorf dude...
ummm.... thank you.... i think...?

so... tell me how it's done!

how didja like my original music?

I heard no music, speakers off, sorry. I was just giving you a smart ass reply, I get that way sometimes. dorf Dude...
so go watch it again and turn on yer speakers!
and as my grandpappy always said.... "Tis' always better to be a [email protected]$$ rather than a [email protected]$$!"

I like the music. Fits nicely.

And you owe me some aspirin.

Lots and lots of aspirin.:laughing:
just added new outdoor video of square box.
new, mellower music too!
click on Mickey Soume link to see all 4 videos.
let me know if that's better music or worse?
please feel free to leave comments. Po)

remember, hundreds of renfaire-goers have handled these and tried everything short of a hammer to open the one or to get the marble out of the other. the marble box is solid oak, 1/2" thick top, bottom and side HAS to be that thick of wood to withstand all the tugging, twisting and pulling by hundreds of victi...i mean, spectators.

What are some of the most memorable questions, suggestions and comments you had from people at the renfairs who tried opening them?
where's the vid of the round box?

and I like the second vid music better.
It's with the other Mickey Soume Magic Box videos. Here's the title:

Marblebox Magic Copyright Mickey Soume (better,...
I found one via his magic forum posts but it is so dark, it really shows nothing.

need a new video of the round box DM.
There is a new one. In the 'Related Videos', look for the picture that's mostly grass. Click on that and you'll see the marble box.

Hope this link works:
What are some of the most memorable questions, suggestions and comments you had from people at the renfairs who tried opening them?
#1 question---"how do you do it?"
#1 comment--this is a family forum.
#1 suggestion-see above.

manomanoman.... you guys are either gonna love me or hate me...
i didn't invent a new locking box today......................
i thunked up TWO new designs!!
making the first one today, (which will blow your mind, btw) ...i should be able to post youtube video by tomorrow.
the second will be a bit trickier to make, haven't finished it in my head yet.
so shoot me already.... everybody needs a hobby.

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