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Luxury Vinyl Plank, Caulk, Sliding Door

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I am in the process of installing 1100 sq ft of luxury vinyl planks. I am floating the floor but have a question about how to finish the floor next to the sliding glass doors. I have three 11ft sliding glass doors. The sliding section is approx 3.75 ft with two fixed sections, one on each side. My question is how should I finish the expansion gap at the door. I was thinking of brown silicone caulk. I also have the option of color matched quarter round. Caulk between floor and jamb and then put quarter round on top. The floor is sold as waterproof so I want to be sure that no water enters the expansion gap at the slider. The planks run parallel to the door as you enter if this makes any difference. Thanks for the help.
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I used CORE-TEC Plus LVT in my bath and had a similar issue butting up to the tub. I ran a bead of construction adhesive next to the tub so a gap would no open between the tub and tile. I left an expansion joint at the other end of the row covered with 1\4 round. Use a colored caulk at the the tub / LVT joint.
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