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Low water pressure (well + pression tank)

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I'm on a deep well, that goes into a pressure tank and I'm experiencing really low water pressure. For instance if the shower is going and I flush a toliet the water in shower almost completely stops, then starts back up a minute or so later.

I had the well pump and pressure tank replaced about 3 years ago, so I don't think its a pump problem.

The gauge says the well is pumping to 60 psi then stopping. Is that the right PSI?

Do I need to add more air to the tank with an air compressor? It has a Schrader value on top.

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Before you add air the the shrader valve turn the valve off between the incoming line from the well and the pressure tank, if you have one. If not turn the breaker off for the well and drain down the pressure to Zero on the house side by opening any faucet and letting it run down to nothing. You said the pressure gauge shows 60p.s.i. when the pump turns off and the well pressure switch normally has a 20 p.s.i. differential between "On and Off" so your system should be operating between 40-60 p.s.i.
The precharge value for a trapped air tank or a bladder tank should be 2 p.s.i. below Cut in at 40 p.s.i. for your system so you can put in 38 p.s.i. of air to the tank shrader valve. No more, no less.
Turn the breaker back on or open the valve all the way and let the system fill back up. Check to see if your pressure problem has been corrected. If it has you could have had one or more problems.
1. A waterlogged trapped air tank -or-
2. A burst bladder in the bladder tank -or-
3. An incorrect pressure setting -or-
4. A valve not opened all the way -or-
5. Rust or debris partially blocking the pipes

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Precharge the pressure tank with a water faucet open somewhere to be sure the tank starts out empty.

Water will seek the proper level inside the tank after you turn the pump back on.
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