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My landlord hired a guy to tile the shower and floor in the house I was moving into. I don't believe he has ever seen a tile before.

I volunteered to re-do the job even tho I have never done tile work. I didn't want the guy back in the house destroying everything and leaving his mess everywhere.

I am starting with just the floor and I will tackle the shower later.

I have used 1/4 Hardie backer over the sub floor secured with thinset and backer screws, floated and fiber taped joints.

I have a nice flat floor for my tile work except one area between the wall, closet flange and tub. There are three tiles that wobble back there a little bit. I laid them all out to make sure it all looks right before thinsetting them in. There might be as much as 3/16" of low spots compared to the rest of the floor in that area.

Can I just be a little heavy with the thinset when setting the tiles or should I build it up with something else?

Two images, one of the work the other guy did, the 2nd is my tiles laid out but not set.


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