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I built a lean to wood shed last year with the back side of the shed against the exterior masonry wall of the main house. I used shingles for that roof.

Now I am building another shed for storage on the other side of the house and due to presence of a 4" electrical conduit running horizontally under the eave I had to reduce the slope of the shed lean to even more. To a slope about 4 inches over 1 foot.

I would like to try the peel n stick roll roofing on this shed roof. Something like this:

I have several questions on using these products.

(1) It was advised in the video that I should use a primer over plywood yet I have looked at various youtube DIY videos and no one had used any primer before putting the P&S down. Is a primer necessary?

(2) Since my shed is only about 5' X 10' in dimensions, and I need to buy a minimum of 1 roll which covers 100SF, I can't use all of it. I am wondering, if I overlap more, instead of overlapping each course by the recommended amount, I overlap A LOT MORE, so I end up using most of it, will that improve the performance any? Or just plain stupid?

(3) I wonder how easy it is to do the unroll and peel application. I can see if you have a flat roof with one guy rolling and the other guy walking backwards slowly...but the shed is only 10' long. The other guy would back three steps and be falling off. I might have to do this all by myself...if it creases and go "off course" can I pull it off a little and adjust, or once it sticks it sticks?

(4) Last question regarding drip edges. The front drip edge goes on first, then the peel and seal roll roofing, then the two sides drip edges right over the roof roofing right? On the two sides, what kind of fasteners should I use? Should I use these?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm not familiar with the product, but it seems that for a wood/storage shed it might work - you don't want to go nuts with this thing.

1. Priming the ply can't hurt.
2. Hard to say. It might mess up any warrantee. Maybe you could use the remainder for the other shed so they match.
3. Sorry, can't help.
4. Unless the product calls for it you don't really need a drip edge on the sides, although it gives a neat, clean edge. I'd be installing all drip edges first. The fasteners you post are for metal roofing.
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