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Low pressure in kitchen faucet

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I’m trying to figure out why the water flow in my kitchen faucet is so low. It started suddenly about a week ago and has gotten worse since then. All of the other faucets in the house work fine. I tried cleaning out the aerator and flushing the cartridge, but that had no effect. The issue occurs with hot and cold water. I did notice that some water still comes in on the cold side even when the faucet shut off valve is engaged. This is a single handle faucet. Any other ideas to try? Or do I need to replace the whole faucet or call a pro? Thank you in advance.
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I agree with you, still possible sediment in cartridge or cartridge is failing.

Have you shut off the supply and taken off the supply lines from faucet (both hot&cold) hold in bucket one at a time turn supply on and verify good water pressure present? If good pressure, problem is faucet itself or cartridge.

What brand of faucet and how old is it? If its a name brand like moen, delta etc. they have lifetime warantees and possibly send you parts you need at no charge.
Start by looking at the aerator. Is it dirty? then clean it.
Then you can disconnect the water supply connectors from the angle stops to the faucet:
Shut the water, disconnect them, aim them into a bucket and turn the angle stops to see if you get any good flow.
Take out the divertor valve. Try cleaning and a drop of cooking oil on it. But best to replace. That part is cheap and easy.

Have had a few cases where I spent a lot of time looking for another cause. Since this is not common. And that was definitely the problem with low pressure. Just a bad divertor valve. But sprayer still worked fine.

So areator, Cartridge or divertor valve. If a decent faucet no need to replace. Just the parts.

You dont say the brand but most are like this one.

Thank you all for the advice. This faucet was here when we moved in, and I cannot find the brand anywhere.

I tried the suggestion of disconnecting the supply lines. The water coming out there seemed fine and high pressure.

I did not see anything that looked like a diverter, but thank you for the information.

So it seems I need a new cartridge? Or there’s sediment or something in the pullout attachment. I’ve attached a picture of the cartridge, just to make sure I’m not talking about the wrong part.


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