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Lost Electrical Power

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I installed a new ceiling light fixture to my kitchen and conected it to a wall light switch. All working work perfectly this past weekend. Since it stopped working I disconnect the fixtue and switch and tested the wires...I am no longer getting powere to the wires. The circuit breaker is hot.
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Is power fed to the fixture with a switch leg going to the switch or is the power at the switch first?
Your power feed may enter the light first then a leg to the switch. You should (turn the breaker off) then remove the light fixture and inspect your connections. If you have good connections then odds are there is no power getting to the light (or else you would see it at the switch) then you will need to start tracing it back to the panel to find the root cause.
Thanks. You've validated my fear that I would have to trace back to where the loss of power is. The power does enter the light fixture first and legs to the switch the switch. In either case there is no power to any of the wires although the breaker is hot. Unfortunatly I've exhausted my knowledge when it comes to electricity so I have no clue as to how I trace to the root of the problem. In my mind there are two kinds of homeowners: The DIY folks and the people that have the ready means to hire professionals. I fall into the former category.
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