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Loose vinyl tiles..How to fix??

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I'm replacing a bedroom floor & installing the floating snap-in manufactured flooring.
The adjoining hall floor has vinyl tiles and some of then are loose. (I can raise the edge with a putty knife)
Is there a way to re-activate the existing glue? Heat perhaps.. I have some granite tiles that are 12 x 12 x 1" that I could heat in the oven to set on the loose tiles. Or am I better off lifting the tile & adding glue??
What say the crew?? Thanks.. Jon
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Are you using the floating floor out there also? If so I would not bother.

The only way I have ever repaired them was to remove, glue and replace.
unless they are making noise when you walk on them , just go right over with the new floor...
Not covering the hall way... not in the budget.. need to save em as is if possible..
I thought some heat might do the trick.
you can try that with a heat gun, you have nothing to lose...but time..after you heat them get a 12 inch piece of 2 x 4 and with a hammer tamp the edges and see if the old mastic ( sometimes a tar based if real old ) will stick, if it the newer adhesives that are water based, once dried thats it...
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Budgets I understand. :)

You might be able to:
* secure a straw to the end of an adhesive caulk tube, heat the tile gently, lift and squirt a little under it.

*Same process using real latex tile glue and a few disposable pastry (piping) bags

The adhesive caulk trick was taught to me by an old flooring guy. Thanks Charlie.
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Appreciate the replies.. Will probably try 2 or 3 methods & will post again in this thread how they came out after they set for a couple weeks.
I realize the hallway needs attention but we need to get thru the Maine winter and have things ready by memorial day for summer folks that rent space for a week or two thru columbus day weekend.
Each year we try to factor in some improvements beyond the necessary maintenance..
Thanks again folks.
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