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Loose Newell Post

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Hey all- looking for advice on securing this Newell post. I have tried driving nails/screws through it to no avail and do not have access to the floor joists underneath. Is it better off replacing the post? Here’s a link to the video and I appreciate all the help.
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I would first try some pocket hole screws on the bottom three sides.

If this doesn't secure it tight then add two 1/4 x 7 lag bolts through the bottom front.

Or just do both anyway.
Shaker hole caps can be found in craft stores and are good for capping hole drilled for adding screws, There is a stud right behind the post in the wall you can screw into and a couple screws into the floor framing below is good.

That's a good idea Neal.
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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