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Looking to replace interior door without hassle

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I have two interior doors that need replacing in a rental property. It's a very standard rental built in the 90s. I'm wondering if I can buy prehung doors and simply swap the hinges and knob/latch assembly without swapping the entire frame. They seem to be generic hollow core kind of Home Depot units to me.

Any tips would be appreciated, thanks.
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Not sure what brands of knock downs are available to you.... but I've been hanging and replacing doors and/or slabs for the better part of 20 years and in my experience besides some minor tweaking you can swap any one of them for the other.

I've used mostly fast fit, jeldwen and lynden door. The only real difference is the fast fit's are 1/2" shorter in height than the others because of the joining used for the header and side jamb.

But really if you take some easily identifiable measurements of your doors I'm sure the local hardware store will have something to match.

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