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Looking to buy Parts for BOSCH Tankless Hot water

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Hi guys,

I need your help, I have BOSCH Grentherm 9000 Series, Model# T9800SE 160, Tankless Hot Water.

So I am looking for this Parts below.

1)--Water Filter
2)--Gaskets & Burner

I am attaching Photos, I am in Toronto Ontario Canada.

Please help me for this Parts either Online or Local Shop I want to purchase.



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The only major brick and mortar place in canada I know of that openly sells parts to diy'ers is amre supply - try them. They may not sell very specialized stuff.

In toronto there used to be a small contractor selling parts to the public called omer refrigeration, the store-front is now gone but the company still exists and you may be able to order parts. No returns though.

Otherwise, you're looking at ordering online, likely from an american company.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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