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Looking for suggestions on how to trim this opening.

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Hi all, I'm thinking of adding trims to windows and openings in my house but came across this (ignore the cue rack, that's being moved). The left and top sides are fine for regular trims but how should I do the right side? If I just leave the bare wall, does the trim end too abruptly? Then there's the same problem if you look at the opening from the other side :vs_mad:



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I'd leave that one the way it is.
yep agree with reason to trim that blends in just fine...
Thanks for the replies. I have a bigger opening to the left of it. Do you think it's fine to leave both untouched?


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Those are arch ways rather than doors and would normally not be trimmed, unless they are in a period home. The only way to trim the narrow one is to reduce its width approximately 8-inches by constructing a 4-inch wide section of wall on both the left and right side. With these narrow sections of wall protruding from the existing walls which are now flush archway, you would be able to install normal jamb and casing.

An 8-inch reduction in width would appear to make the doorway too narrow based on your photo, so best to leave both of them 'as is'.
Whatever they are called, they are non-doored openings between rooms or areas. I think the frame in the first example would look weird because it only has 2 sides. The second example could be framed - we have a fairly modern house with a framed opening into a room from a hall and it looks fine. One thing that I try to do is remain consistent in the theme of a house (style, trim, etc.), so if the two openings are in the same general area of the house, if you're not going to frame the first one I wouldn't frame the second.
Thank you all for your inputs. I'm going to leave them alone :D
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