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Looking for some review on the composite decking material website?

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I am new to these forums but I am looking for some suggestion on Composite decking material. Let me know if you know decking material website. Your review would be greatly appreciated.

B Yesher
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Hey Benkyesher. Did you get any responses? I'm looking for the same.

I will be building a deck and am researching what kind of wood/composite I want to use and really don't know where to start.
Man that compost decking looks great for a few years out here, than just goes to hell.
Man that compost decking looks great for a few years out here, than just goes to hell.
Yeah. My brother-in-law in central Kansas built his deck with composite (don't know the brand). After just a couple of years it looked like crap. And (I assume) because of the extremes of heat and cold there, things started coming loose and some pieces actually fell off.
Making some pretty general statements, and throwing all brands of composite decking in a bad light is like saying I painted something and years later it's peeling so all paint must be bad.
Yes when composite first came out there was some issues with some brands, Trex for one.
More often then not when I'm called to remove composite decking "because it failed" I find someone tryed to install it over the old floor joist that are 24" apart, the screws were installed to close to the outside edges, they tryed to install it on a 45 deg. and did not space the joist 12" apart as required.
All the Timber Tec decking I've install in the past 5 years all still look brand new.
I've seen hundreds of wooden decks that are failing, does that mean there all bad?
I've never seen a web site that that has nothing but test results on decking if I was looking for one I think I'd try a site like Consumers Reports.
If I had the money and it was localy avalible I go with IPE.
Real wood and tougher then nails, in fact it has to be predrilled to even screw into it.
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There has to be a lumber yard there that can get it for you Joe. I know theres a large importer in the Philadelphia area.
Well I like Fiberon Horizon a lot, we've used it extensively and we have years of it performing flawlessly, but what the hell do I know, I only do this for a living vs guys who do a deck here and there or maybe did a deck 10 years ago.
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