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I have been doing some major remodeling, intsalled two new brick patios and a complete outdoor kitchen. I will be installing a new firepit soon out of large rock, complete with a gas burner to start the fire. (cheating:) anyways, I have seen the stuff Lowes sells and frankly its cheaply made and high priced. I figure I can build something and get some outdoor cushions that are weather resistant. But im kind of torn on either building "couches" or chairs. I want something that is COMFORTABLE first, but do I want it to be easy to move or heavy and solid and stay in one place?
I have access to all the FREE Bamboo I can haul so thats a thought. Or I could use rough cut sawmill lumber which is also FREE or I can buy storebought lumber. The firepit will be round and somewhere between a foot to 18" high with access 360 degrees around with seating and standing room.

Thank you for your input

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Since you have many building materials availed you, I would look around first for furniture that you like. Teak tends to have nice sleak lines. Then you can either draw or find plans online close to what you like I should think.

I suppose some combination of raw bamboo (I assume you were not planning to try and turn it into dimensional timber) and the free rough cut wood availed you might be interesting. Perhaps a planer is in your future to make the wood less rough?

You are probably going to have to dry the rough timber for a period of time of pay to have it kiln dried. And you may have to treat it?

You certainly want something that will not blow around when it is windy. Perhaps some combination of permanently fixed and portable furniture and cushions is in your future?

I used to design outdoor furniture and other constructed elements. I think you are in for some fun! Be creative. Just be careful to scale things so they look right in the context of the firepit and your overall landscape.
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