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Looking for high performance lumber materials. LVL, glulam, etc.

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In the engineering field and we are working with a design that is pushing the limits of lumber into which we must spec MSR lumber to make it work. Basically on paper, a 2x6 will not work, but a 2x8 is a touch overkill. I mention that because we are working mostly within that size range of lumber for this application.

We can get MSR lumber, but getting it to the 24ft lengths we want is starting to push our lumber guy AND we only need about 2200lf of the material so not like we need a truckload.

I think generally dimensional solid timber is usually less expensive than engineered materials BUT I figured I might ask the question to anyone familiar with what all is out there and how prices compare? Ideally, we REALLY would like the flanges or edges to be wider than 1.5". 2-2.5" would be nice... I know engineered products will have really good properties, easy to get the length, straighter, etc, but this project is cost sensitive.

As well, we will have to ensure if we select another product, it will take a screw nicely on the edge, and provide similar or superior withdraw performance.

The MSR lumber we are currently considering is 2400 2.0E. We would desire a product with an Fb and E that exceed those values and in an ideal world, maybe something about 6-7" tall x say a true 2" thick. I am sitting down....$$$$$:biggrin2:

Oh, I should mention, we have some specific reasons for trying to use wood here and trying to avoid steel. We realize steel can get it done but we are just trying to optimize the design a bit and make it more structurally efficient.
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You are spanning 23+ feet and 2x8 is over kill?
Not spanning 24ft, just looking for that length of material.
Microlam or Parallam both make a
Parallel Strand Lumber (PSL) beam. I have not used them but I have seen 2x6 studs made out of the product. It is much better at taking fasteners on the narrow edge than LVLs, as they will split with bigger screws

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What is your application?
Is it for floor joists? (Not sure why you would not use shorter lengths, since a 2x8 FJ @ 16" o.c. is only good for a 12'-3" clear span, give or take.)
Is it for roof rafters?
Is it for truss manufacture?
Is it for wall studs in a balloon framing application?
You are designing a structure and asking structural design and materials questions on a DIY forum? Why don’t you hire an engineer?
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