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I am refinishing my basement. I just demo'd a really poorly done 10-yr old renovation.

I'm planning on using XPS on the walls as a vapor barrier. I'll have a heavy plastic vapor barrier on the concrete floors, and insulate the floors with 1" XPS.

My basement floor drops about 3 inches across the length of the basement. I'd like to level that out using sleepers and a new subfloor. I did this in my old house, which had an 8 inch drop, and it worked really well.

Last time I used tongue and groove plywood for the sub-floor. I've been looking at this stuff: The reviews I've read say pretty good things about it. Normally I wouldn't consider using OSB below grade, but this stuff it supposed to be very moisture resistant. Water pretty much beads up on the surface.

Has anyone used this, or is anyone familiar with the product?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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