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Looking for a Rectangular Carabiner type product

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i am looking for something like this, but a little bit longer (about 3"):

basically i have two inch-long loops that are about 3" apart from each other. i want to have a rectangular metal device that hooks through both. since the loops are fixed and cannot be open/closed, i need this contraption to open and close, or unlock and lock together once in place. i do not care if it is actually a carabiner. anyone have any guesses? i have had trouble searching for it, but that may be just because i don't know the right term.
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How much weight are you expecting this to hold?
Does it have anything to do with support a person?
Any local hardware, farm supply or box store will have ones that look like the ones you have in the picture but there going to have rounded loops not square like in that picture.
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