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Hello i have built a cabin about 2 years ago. ( knowing then alot less then i know now ) and just in general i am wondering if what i have done will be sufficiant for the long haul.

Basically i have a raised floor on pier and beams . The layers of the floor go as such from outside ( bottom) to inside ( top)

-2" foam board insulation with gaps around edges sprayfoamed

-r20 rockwool insulation in between floor joists

- layer of subfloor (1"×8"x 12' pine boards) running E to W

- 6 mil poly barrier over entire floor inside ( but only to the egdes of the walls where its tied into the 6 mil on the interior walls )

- then a second layer of 1"x8"x12' pine boards running N to S. Used as my interior flooring .

I cant help but think something may have been done wrong here any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

Thanks alex
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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