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Look at the red wires in my subpanel please

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Hi, the home inspector gave this a pass..

But I am trying to learn, there is one multi wire branch circuit which is in the kitchen for the dishwasher and "instant hot" water dispenser. They share the receptacle (top and bottom) and the breaker has a tie in it. In this picture you see it on the right column, level 2 and 3. Tied. I understand this one.

What I don't understand is why there are other red wires.. which is usually used for multi wire branch circuit, but the breakers are not tied nor is the location close together. namely right column 4th from top, left column 4th from top.

Do you know the reason where red wires are used. I think these are NM cables. Do they have NM that have red + black and 2 neutrals for return??


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Reds are just a second hot conductor. They just need to be on opposite legs of the panel from the black in the same cable to avoid overloading the neutral.

Newer codes require the common disconnect of a 2 pole breaker or handle tied breakers unless the black and red landed on the same device.
Neutrals cannot be on the ground bar in a subpanel.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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