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Looing for sidewalk ideas

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Hello all,

I am new to the forum here and would like some ideas for a sidewalk design. I have a 2 unit house which has a front and rear apartment. The front apartment is in need of a sidewalk. There is currently nothing there, just grass. I am planning on building them a walk this summer but would like to do it at a price within reason. I would just rather pour a cement walk and be done with it but my wife isn't too keen on it. Anyone have any ideas for maybe coming to a compromise using cement and or bricks/pavers? It would probably be a walk that is 3 feet wide by 20ft long with 90 degree turn just off the front steps. Any input would be much appreciated, thanks! Bryan.
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quick and unique could be cement, then a coating for color and texture.
this stuff is pretty cool...
check out what some people have done with outdoor walks.

What about a concrete base for solid pavers?
Pour a sidewalk with a minimal, flat finish, taking into account the thickness of your paving material.
Make sure your sidewalk dimensions are modular to the paving material size & pattern (make dimansions at 4" or 8" increments for example) to minimize cutting.
You can dryset uniform pavers directly on concrete without sand layer. Glue your outside border down to eliminate plastic edging.
Sand all joints with polymeric sand & broom. :thumbup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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