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Hi folks.
My first post.
I have a long grade up the side of my house, back to front.
Its hard packed dirt topped with about three inches of 1" crushed rock.
There is a retaining wall preventing the rock from migrating off the slope.
Its LOUD to walk on and painful to bare feet.
moreover my whackjob neighbor on the other side has a problem with me stepping on his side of the property line to get around a rock with my mower or a wheelbarrow- so now I have to roll stuff up the crushed rock slope.
Of course the mower and barrow don't want to roll on the stuff.
So I need to firm it up- pack it down- compact it? New ideas to me.
Is there something I can add- screenings, or cement, to do so without raising the level (there is a door sill along the way) much?
I want to be able to wheel stuff on this- stuff with small wheels.
Any help would be apprecieated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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