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location of cold water shut off valve

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I' m attempting to put in a new faucet in my bathroom. I shut off the cold water valve in the bathroom and the water stoped running.

When I attempted to take off the supply valve line-water started spurting out from there and would not stop.

I went back down in the basement and attempted to shut off as many valves as I can and still water is coming out.

So my question is: How do I cut off the water completely and where is this valve located?
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the silver valve on the wall(1 hot 1 cold) under the sink has the house water pressure on it(in the wall) the water stops from that shut off up to the faucet
If you are removing the supply valve from that faucet, you may need to turn off the whole house water at the meter. You could then replace the supply valve and turn it off until you are finished with the faucet install. There would still be water laying in the lines so you may want to drain it down through an outside faucet since they are usually the lowest point.
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