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Hello, could someone please verify for me that this is not a load bearing wall:

Here are the details. Please let me know if you need more:
  • There is a beam directly under the wall in the basement
  • The joists in the kitchen (room where photo was taken) run perpendicular to and end at the wall
  • the joists in the family room (other side of wall) run parallel to the wall
  • the joists for the two rooms above run parallel to this wall
  • there is no wall directly above this wall but about three feet into the family room
  • one parallel joist above rests on this wall about .75"
  • wall to the left is exterior if that matters

After seeing the beam in the basement I assumed this would be load bearing but it appears I can tear it out without consequence. The only thing concerning me now is that single joist resting on the wall. Can I remove it?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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