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Load bearing studs?

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I'm taking down a wall that made a small closet. Upon opening the drywall up I was surprised to see two sets 2x4s. Can these be taken out? Along with the 2x4 on the ground?

I'm very very to projects like this.

Thank you for your help! ?


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I'm very new* to projects like these
Not enough info.
Pictures are taken to close up.
One place you say your taking down a wall, then you mention it's a closet.
Need to be looking in the attic and below that wall to see if if it's a supporting wall.
Just looks like there may have been a door there at one time, or they added a jack stud when they went from plaster to drywall so they had a nailer to attach the drywall to.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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