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I am about to take on building a raised patio where my existing porch is located. As I started to determine where the load bearing wall was it appears to be the exterior wall; however, I have additional 6 feet of covered porch that has 2 posts supporting 28 feet of porch roof. The House is shaped like an "H" with the middle section on the back having the small covered porch.
The posts supporting the roof of the porch do not go to the ground but instead rest on top top of the current deck.
The Truss system is throwing me; I am not sure if the porch posts are the load bearing portion or is the exterior wall of the home the load point? there are vertical studs in the truss that rest on the exterior wall, but the system does extend out to to end of the roof.
Any suggestions on how to tell where the load point is?

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The point load is where the truss bears on the outside wall or beam unless there is a strut (block) close to, but not at the end of the truss. I suggest asking someone with building knowledge, before you remove anything. Beams have hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds load on them. Pics would be required. Be safe, GBAR

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Would you believe me if I said you don't have anything to worry about?

How about, If I said get an Engineer?

actually this may be easier than imagined

1) Try to get a referral for an Engineer from an Architect. If you don't know one, try to get a name for either from friends and relatives.

2) Ask around at construction sites for a name.

3) Ask at the local yards

4) Ask at your local Building and Safety dept.

You will need an Engineer anyway as you won't be able to get a Permit without an Engineer to do the sign off. For the safety of your family and for the legal consequences this is not a project to try to bootleg. If you do this on your own with no apparent issues then sell the house after a couple of years, you will always have this hanging over your head. You don't want to have a trial lawyer coming after you ten years from now or even worse have someone killed or injured.

Best Wishes
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